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EAMCET (Engineering, Agriculture, and Medical Common Entrance Test) is a competitive exam for admission to undergraduate programs in Engineering, Agriculture, and Medicine.

Lakshmi Narayana Academy offers long term eamcet coaching and short term eamcet coaching by excellent and experienced faculty. We are the best teachers for eamcet coaching center in Hyderabad.

Our main vision is to empower individuals on their journey to success.We believe in understanding the unique needs and aspirations of each student, tailoring our programs to foster personalized growth and development.


Here's an outline of content you might consider for EAMCET coaching

1.   Mathematics :




Coordinate Geometry

Vector Algebra

Probability and Statistics

Mathematical Induction

2.   Physics :

Units and Measurements

Motion in a Straight Line and Plane

Laws of Motion

Work, Energy, and Power

Systems of Particles and Rotational Motion




Mechanical Properties of Solids and Fluids


Ray Optics and Optical Instruments

Wave Optics

Electric Charges and Fields

Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance

Current Electricity

Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism

Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents

Electromagnetic Waves

Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation

Atoms and Nuclei

Electronic Devices

3.   Chemistry :

Atomic Structure

Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties

Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure

States of Matter: Gases and Liquids



Chemical Equilibrium and Acid-Bases

Hydrogen and its Compounds

The s-Block Elements

P-Block Elements – Group 14 (Carbon Family)

Environmental Chemistry

Solid State



Chemical Kinetics

Surface Chemistry

General Principles of Metallurgy

p-Block Elements

d- and f-Block Elements

d- and f-Block Elements

Coordination Compounds



Chemistry in Everyday Life

4.   Biology ( Medical Stream) :

Diversity in the Living World

Structural Organization in Animals and Plants

Cell Structure and Function

Plant Physiology

Human Physiology

Reproduction in Plants

Reproduction in Humans

Genetics and Evolution

Biology and Human Welfare

Biotechnology and Its Applications

Ecology and Environment

Eamcet Long term coaching

Mock Tests and Practice Papers :

Regular practice of mock tests and previous year question papers to understand the exam pattern and improve time management skills.

Problem-Solving Strategies :

Teach problem-solving techniques and strategies for tackling complex questions efficiently.

Revision Techniques :

Provide effective revision methods to help students consolidate their learning before the exam.

Conceptual Clarity :

Emphasize a clear understanding of concepts rather than rote memorization.

Motivational Sessions :

Conduct motivational sessions to keep students focused and positive during their preparation.


Remember, an effective coaching program should not only cover the syllabus comprehensively but also focus on developing problem-solving skills, time management, and exam-taking strategies. Additionally, providing a supportive and motivating environment is crucial for students preparing for competitive exams.

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